YALAcollective is a worldwide community for creative wellness 

The EXPERIENCE we share

Our diverse experiences include trainings based on the science and art of Yoga, meditation, natural cooking, and creative expression.

Our platform offers online and travel trainings, as well as hands-on workshops and happenings around the globe.

We strive to balance the benefits of physical science, arts, technology, creative sustainability and local communities.

Our aim is to inspire, guide and support people in the finding of their own path.


The VALUES we share

1. Professional, experienced and quality approach to wellness.

2. Authentic programs to finding inner creativity.

3. Full commitment to local and global sustainability.

4. Open and engaged co-creational processes and projects.

5. Social responsibility through unique experiences around the globe in the support of local economies and communities.


The VISION we share

Our vision is to consolidate a platform for members that wish to contribute their knowledge and skills.

Co-create with professional worldwide talents and share the best of our abilities.


It is the passion of sharing that drives our souls