GF Pan di Spagna

YALAcollective has the honor to collaborate with a great Italian chef, Giulia Steffanina, during the next YALAjourney in Tuscany! Do not miss the opportunity to learn from a professional the secret of an healthy gourmet life style!


For the “Pan di Spagna”

  • 5 Eggs
  • 100 g Sugar
  • 15 g Seed oil (more for baking pan)
  • 170 g Rice flour (more than the baking tray)
  • 1 Pinch Sale

For the Sauce

  • 500 g Water
  • 150 g Sugar
  • 100 g Liqueur with pears

For the cream

  • 600 g Buffalo Ricotta
  • 6 spoons of icing sugar
  • 200 g Mascarpone
  • 5 Pears in syrup
  • 100 g white chocolate chips

For the decoration

  • 2 Pears in syrup
  • q.s. Pistachio grain
  • q.s. White Chocolate Chips



For the “Pan di Spagna”

In a big bowl add the eggs and the sugar. Whisk the eggs until obtain a light and smoothie cream.

Add the sifted rice flour and the salt, and mix with a whisk. Finally, add the seed oil.

Take a rectangular baking pan  and brush it with the seed oil and sprinkled with rice flour before adding the egg cream.

Bake at 180° C (370° F) for about 20 minutes. Take the pan out the oven and let it cool.

For the Sauce

In a small pan add water and sugar and bring them to boil, then turn it off, add the liqueur and cool.

For the cream

In a small bowl mix the ricotta cheese with mascarpone and the sugar.

Cut the “Pan di Spagna” in half, drank it with the sauce and stuff it with the cream; Sprinkle with pearls and white chocolate chips, and close with the second slice of “Pan di Spagna”. Use the rest of the sauce to wet the second slice of “Pan di Spagna”.

Cover the cake with ricotta cream. Create a border with the pistachio grain, decorated with pears and white chocolate chips, and transfer to the fridge until serving.

Recipe by Giulia Steffanina


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