As the only South American country with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Colombia’s vast fertile landscapes produce purely exotic fruits. Three magnum north-south Andean cordilleras separate the western coastal lowlands from the almost empty eastern jungles, with 54 percent of Colombia’s land but only 3 percent of the people. Colombian fruits are a delicious way to know the sweetness of the country.

granadilla_2aThere are various shapes, sizes, flavours and all sorts of colours and textures that can be found anywhere throughout the country; in warm, temperate or cold regions.

Without having to go deep into the fields, the evidences of the fruit production of the country are noticed by the national routes. On the side of the road and especially in warm climates, the fruit stands are attractive to decorate the landscape and denote the generosity of a permanently fit and fruitful land.


Trying the granadilla is an unforgettable experience. Similar to the passion fruit, or eating pomegranate it’s worth playing around a hard peel. You must break it to reach its seeds covered with a sweet and refreshing pulp.

Don’t miss tasting the sweetness of COLOMBIA.

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