Italian-Greek pasta

Do you have just 10 minutes and your stomach claims an healthy and satisfy meal?

Try this super easy Summer Mediterranean pasta. A simple mix between Italy and Greece!
(for 2 bowls – always better to eat pasta with someone you love)

2 cups of penne (or other kind of small/medium size pasta)*
1 cup of red cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup arugula
8 black oilves
1 cup of feta cheese
4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
1 fistful of salt
black pepper

*Please try to buy real Italian pasta. Look the packaging and choose a pasta really “made IN Italy”. A good and affordable brand are DeChecco.

Pasta_greek-2THE ART:
Fill a pot with 1L of water, add the fistful of salt and cook until the water is boiling.
Once boiling put the pasta in the water and cook for MAXIMUM 10 minutes.

During the time of cooking you can prepare the sauce.Pasta_greek-3
Cut every cherry tomatoes in 4 little pieces. crumbled the feta cheese, cut the arugula and the black greek olives in small pieces.
Drain the pasta. In the pot mix together the olive oil, all the sauce ingredients and add the pasta. Serve in two nice bowls to share with someone you love or you can keep one part in the fridge for one day.


*NB. Remember: do not put the pasta before the water is boiling.
*NB. Please do not it the pasta with a spoon… is like eating sushi with a fork!
*NB. I’m joking! just have fun 😉

Recipe by YALAkitchen

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