Munch Salade

YALAkitchen_mango salad-2INGREDIENTS: (for 1 bowl)
1 cup of Iceberg chopped salad
1/2 cup of feta cheese
4 Black greek olives
1/2 cup of fresh Mango
2 fistfuls of fresh Adzuki, Lentils and Green peas*
3 tablespoons of Apple vinegar
2 tablespoons of Extra-virgin olive oil
black & red pepper
Remember to choose organic and local food when possible 😉

* If you leave in Massachusetts you can buy the Organic “Munch mix” by Magnolia Farms in any Wholefoods of the region.

YALAkitchen_mango salad-1


Cut in small pieces the mango and the olives. Crumble apart the feta cheese. Add in a nice bowl all the ingredients : iceberg salad, mango, olives, feta and add on top 2 fistful of a fresh munch beans mix (the one I love are made with adzuki, lentils and green peas).
Mix together in a glass the olive oil, the apple vinegar, the salt and the black and red pepper. Add the sauce and you have your quickly munch salad!

YALAkitchen_mango salad-3

Recipe by YALAkitchen

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