The EARTH element symbolises our physical body, our foundation, our root, our stability, and our balance. It is the basis of all other elements and where it all begins. One cannot do a yoga asana (posture) properly if one has not felt a connection to the feet or the ground. So what is the need of feeling grounded? Why is it important to understand the role of the earth element in our lives and our yoga practice?

Mother Earth is a feminine energy; a wise one that nurtures our souls and enlightens our path. As we practice yoga, we discover that we ought to be fully connected to the earth element in order to activate our bandhas (energy locks), deepen our practice, and take the yoga off our mats into our daily lives. For instance, poses like Sirsasana require being fully grounded and balanced, while sensing the world upside down.


In our world some believe change can happen, others have opted to only criticise and increase the negativity, a majority are unconscious about our current global issues, and only a few are willing to strive for enlightment while inspiring transformation.

Handstands, require lots of patience and self-­‐confidence, added to structure and flexibility.
Hence, the biggest challenge is seeking stability in a world that is upside down. These asanas are in the capacity of washing away our fears, while empowering our positive thought process to plant seeds of transformation.

As we deepen our yoga practice, we discover that the earth element helps us find the

clarity of our mission in life. We all have a gifted mission. Some as warriors, while others as builders, supporters and followers. Whatever is our mission, yoga helps us envision it in our path while finding the light to carry on, and most importantly live fulfilled with love, integrity and happiness.

Practice, practice, practice.


by Carolina Daza and Michela Stapleton.

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