Yoga & art

Art empowers my creativity. It helps me distill the meaning of Yoga in my life.

For me, great art is the reflection of our spiritual growth, a window to the world, a magnificent view observed through the eyes of each of us, unique beings. It touches something essential in human nature, a common reference ground for our imagination and aesthetic sense.

Using the visual metaphor of my body as a canvas splashed with energetical brushstrokes, I tried to portray the strong rhythmic vitality that I attain on and off my mat.


I sense Yoga as an incredible art of the spirit, which seeks to create an altogether new destiny, our own ‘Self’ essence. As I flow, I feel deeply connected to the intelligence of my body and heart; my mind feels powerful as my breath cultivates delightful tranquility.
As I continue to assimilate the philosophy of Yoga, I feel the harmony in motion, where the paradoxes of our world cohere and where my sixth (or kinesthetic sense—that of physical and spiritual energies) is fully stimulated.

I sense the way in which difficulties turn into multiple inspirations, and through which I have the freedom to continue creating aesthetic value; I practice yoga art as an eternal spiritual journey towards cultivating inner peace, wisdom, and my own true essence.
by Carolina Daza .

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